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  • Photo du rédacteurThe Unphased Project

Indie Film Music Contest 2022

The Unphased Project took part in the challenge proposed by INDIE FILM MUSIC CONTEST

This time, the challege was quit different.

We had to choose one of the two different films they picked for us. The first one was an extract of the movie "The Secret Number" by Colin Levy, and the second one was a short animation movie called MAFIA MIX.

Guess what we choosed ?

For this take we wanted to go on unknown trails with a more « jazzy » vibe. We got inspiration from the Pink Panther (H. Mancini) or Rhapsody in blue (G. Gershwin), but also from the work of Eric Chevalier on Rayman 2. The goal for us was to stick with a small ensemble. We’ve chosen to favor strings over brass, and orchestral percussions over a drum set.

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